Writing Reviews

Triptych by Gaby Santinelli and Ellie Zeegen


In 2007, a friend encouraged me to write an original idea I’d had for a script. My fellow actress Ellie came on board to develop it with me.  We worked very instinctually at first, and then I began to study John Truby’s storytelling techniques for structural back-up! Truby’s utterly brilliant system quickly became the backbone for all my subsequent writing projects.

Workshopping Triptych with our fellow actors was so rewarding for all of us:

I worked with Gaby on her script Triptych. It was possibly the most rewarding professional acting experience I have ever had. Gaby created a totally safe space to explore and grow as an actor. Gaby has a keen intuitive sense of what works for any given actor and role.
~ KRISTINA BILL, Singer-Songwriter & Actress, London

I was part of a group of actors working with Gaby on a new script she was writing, Triptych. I was inspired by her energy and enthusiasm, her clear and direct approach, as well as being very supportive of the actors. She brings warmth and light-heartedness to her work, which is both focused and thorough. I would totally recommend her as a teacher and coach.
~ PETE JOSCELYNE, Actor, London & Dorset, UK

And we have since had encouraging feedback from top London theatres about the script:

“We felt that Triptych is a compelling project, and a unique and contemporary piece of drama.”
~ Soho Theatre, London

“It’s an accomplished, taut play; the writing is tightly structured and the narrative deftly compressed.  All the characters’ intentions are clear and robust, and Maxine is suitably lost and searching, which brings the themes of self-discovery and self-worth smoothly to the surface.  It’s a poignant play, but at the same time, we feel that the script could work equally well as a TV drama.”
~ The Royal Court, London


“My first book D’ORA came to life, thankfully, to the great writing coach I had, Gabriella Santinelli. She took me through the way a story should be told, to find the conflicts, and to break down each character. Soon after, D’ORA was published! Then the script was written, and the movie was made. Gaby guided me all the way. I couldn’t ask for a better coach, and I’m very much looking forward to working with her again soon.”
~ DELIA ANTAL, Writer, Director, Producer & Lead Actress on D’ORA

“Gaby was so approachable when I went to her for help with my script. She made me feel very comfortable, as I find it nerve-racking when someone reads my work.  She was able to help me draw out my ideas, work through my blocks, and took a lot of the frustration out of writing.  Oh: she is extremely entertaining, as well.  I feel more comfortable writing when I know someone like her is there to help.”
~ DEE-DEE SAMUELS, Writer, London